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Call for IV International Conference of Neo-Latin Cultures – Mediterranean crossroads of tales – Wrocław, June 23-25

Mediterranean crossroads of tales

IV International Conference of Neo-Latin Cultures

University of Wrocław, Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies June 23-25, 2022

The Mediterranean has always been a crucial commercial hub, a privileged point of contact of cultures and traditions: along the routes that ran through it, throughout the Middle Ages, memories of distant places travelled along men and goods: those of the remotest mysterious and charming East or of an unknown North, which gave news of itself through the ‘streets of amber’ that converged on Byzantium. The con- ference is intended as an opportunity to cover a broad spectrum of issues also related to the concept of pilgrimage, both of a religious and academic type, with particular attention the social and political aspects, and the impact on the formation of the unitary image of culture and politics in Europe. We expect to indicate, in addition to the dynamics of a journey that pilgrims made in sacred places, the characteristics of the travelers, the crossroads of tales in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance. In the heart of the Mediterranean, stories of different origins and nature met, dialectized, mingled and hybridized to become the lifeblood of future ‘European’ literatures.

Research areas

– The medieval Mediterranean and its relations with the East (texts, images, traditions) – manuscript tradition and associated iconography
– archaeological sites and finds
– linguistic contaminations
– philosophical and cultural contaminations
– sociological problematics
– language teaching through authentic material.

Scientific Committee: Sonia Maura Barillari (University of Genoa), Nina Budziszewska (University of Wro- claw), Ester Fuoco (Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia), Gianluca Olcese (Wroclaw University), Blazej Stanislawski (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Project ‘European Arts and Traditions in Italian Language Learning’ – PASTILLE. Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA203-065078

Participation proposal

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Participation proposals must be received in WORD (.docx) format by May 15, 2022 at the address:

The conference will be held in attendance.

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