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Polish Cinema for Beginners 8th edition – The Promised Land, by Andrzej Wajda

Polish Cinema for Beginners is back in March! This season – titled Polish Cities – will look closely at the landscapes, history and uniqueness of Polish cities. For the opening we have chosen “The Promised Land” by the late Polish cinema master – Andrzej Wajda. Hailed as the best Polish film in history, it will show us the industrial traditions of Łodz. Next we will travel to modern Warsaw, captured by Jerzy Skolimowski in his intriguing “11 minutes”. Polish cinema rarely goes to Lublin but we will drop it a visit in “Carte Blanche”, a moving film by Jacek Lusiński, starring Andrzej Chyra. After that we will show Wroclaw in the 50’s in “Noose”, a Polish film school classic by Wojciech Jerzy Has. Finally one of the most talked about (and most expensive) films of the last decade – full of beauty and history of Poznań – “Influenz” by Łukasz Barczyk. 

As always everything will be held in English, allowing all the residents of Wrocław, regardless of their nationality, to find out more about Polish culture, traditions and history. Our great guests: filmmakers and film experts, will be there to guide the audience through the corners of Polish cities and the charm of Polish cinema.

02.03 (Thursday), 19.00, KNH

The Promised Land

dir. Andrzej Wajda, 1975, 138’

city: Łodź

A screen adaptation of a Nobel prize winning novel by Władysław Reymont that focuses on the topic of “money making”. In Łodź, in the end of 19th century a Pole, a German and a Jew open together a factory, using their different backgrounds as an advantage against their competition. Will their friendship survive this success? The great acting of Daniel Olbrychski, Wojciech Pszoniak and Andrzej Seweryn, the unforgettable music by Wojciech Kilar and dynamic shots by Witold Sobociński and Edward Kłosiński, contribute to the legend of “The Promised Land”. Nominated for an Oscar, this work by Andrzej Wajda is to this day one of the greatest accomplishments of Polish cinema – hailed a masterpiece by Martin Scorsese, last year it was chosen the best Polish film in history in the Łodź Museum of Cinematography vote.